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Internet Supported Training Arrangement

Internet Supported Training Arrangement


This program is for professional and vocational trainers who are already working in the field of dog training and now want to learn more about using the Koehler method to serve the private training needs, as well as the board & train needs of their clients.


The internet supported training arrangement is a multi-media experience which includes written, oral, and visual instruction as supported by email, telephone, digital photography, and video presentations.  Hands-on instruction is also available as/if needed on a time and expenses basis.


Course material includes all of the exercises found in the Koehler Method of Dog Training, and it includes detailed explanations for each of the techniques used to train the exercises; details you won’t find in the book (or anywhere else short of an apprenticeship). 


Why am I willing to make this training so widely available?  Partly, the answer is: “Because I can.”  But more importantly, it’s because the dogs in our communities deserve the kind of training which allows them the opportunity to keep their homes.  At the same time, this training will help you provide your clients with the kind of training they need to keep their dogs.  Koehler dog training meets both objectives with time tested and proven results; and proven where it counts … in the hands of the dogs’ owners.     


If you are at that point in your career where delivering results instead of making excuses is important to you, then this program may be what you need. 


If you have come to realize that any past training you may have received (formal, institutional, or casual) has now become somehow lacking, or that you are no longer proud to offer only management strategies to your clients, but would prefer instead to offer training solutions, then this program may be what you need.


If you are too often advising on the use of muzzles, electronic collars, no-pull harnesses, pronged collars, crates, kennels, or cable tie-outs (some made of the same materials used to anchor airplanes during a tornado), then this program may be what you need.


If you are recommending euthanasia as a solution to the problem of biters and fighters, or the use of surgical scarring of the vocal cords as a problem solver for indiscriminate barking, or the use of narcotics as your go-to remedy for obsessive/compulsive disorders or separation anxiety, then this program may be what you need.


The Koehler method effectively solves the problems listed above, and does so by allowing the dog the God given right to choose 'not-to' (bite, fight, bark, chase, pull, destroy, etc., etc.).  If you are interested in learning how we can, how we have, and how we continue to get this done for our clients – and for their dogs – then this program is exactly what you need.


For more information, please call me at:

Tony Ancheta

(209) 293-4747
If I don't answer the phone, I'm probably out in the training yard.  Please leave a message, I will call you back.