Ten short weeks to a new master/dog relationship.

Trainers List


The trainers listed on this page are trainers known by us to be accurate in their use of the Koehler method of dog training.  And while some offer services other than Koehler class instruction, all have my confidence in their ability to discuss the method with you and to instruct you on the methods proper use and application.


Note: We maintain a separate referral list for trainers who are correctly using the method, but prefer not to offer their services outside of their own locale.  If you need a referral to a trainer local to you, please contact us.  We will try our best to find someone to help you and your dog.  And remember, we never discrimiminate ... every dog, regardless of breed, is welcome.

NEW 6/2017

Enrolling into a dog-training class with a qualified instructor is always your first and best choice option.  But if that isn't doable for you, there are online alternatives.  To learn more, please write me: tony@koehlerdogtraining.com   

Trainers List


The list of trainers provided below were approved on the basis of experience, expertise, and success in teaching the Koehler Method of Dog Training.  If you cannot find a trainer in your area, please feel free to contact me at: koehlerdogtraining@yahoo.com 

Service codes as follows C (classes) P (private) B&T (board and train) SG (sponsored groups)



Tony Ancheta

599 Stanley Rd.

Westpoint  CA  95255

(209) 293-4747



Patrick Smith

Cadence Kennels

5059 State Street

Ontario  CA  91762

(909) 627-1991

Boarding only (at this time)


Cindy Brevik and Jennifer De La Torre

Time 4 Obedience

1848 Sunnydale Ave.

Simi Valley, Ca. 93065

Cindy (805) 358-1194 / Jenn (805) 217-0850



April Jantz

12152 Moss Ln

Nampa, ID 83651-8143

(208) 461-2246




Pam Adams

Circletop Farm

840 Jenkins Rd.

Rineyville KY 40162

(270) 272-7698

C, B&T, SG, P



Roxanne Lee (NADOI #1115)

Dog Obedience 1st

11025 Gaither Hunt Lane

Columbia, Maryland

(520) 870-1039


Linda Kaim

Lionheart K9
1907 Bethel Rd
Finksburg, Maryland 21048


New Mexico

Catherine Waters (NADOI #995)

Another Obedience Instructor

2913 Del Air Place N.E.

Albuquerque, N.M. 87110

(505) 903-3447



Joyce Chapman

112 Topaz Dr.

Verona, PA

(520) 241-0308

P, SG, (C pending)


Kali Teufel
Civis Dog Training
Plano, Texas
(415) 205-3633
P, B&T


Dalene McIntire

11054 SE 192nd

Renton  WA  98055

(253) 852-0605



John Sparks (NADOI #1127)

Sparks K9 Services, Inc.

20221 N. High Rock Road

Monroe, Washington 98272

(360) 794-3382



If you teach the Koehler Method of Dog Training and would like to be listed as an approved trainer please contact us at:


email: koehlerdogtraining@yahoo.com

phone: (209) 293-4747